Everybody Do the Roof Top Hop


Who knew Santa was such a good dancer? This book comes with a CD and DVD filled with high quality song and dance, just right for those wishing to add an element of creativity to their holiday.

Every once in a while, a new Christmas book comes along with perfect blend of tradition and freshness, and this book is one of those wonderful additions to Santa's bag. The title song celebrates the imagination within, and the book will deliver to children, friends and loved ones the joy of reading. And singing! And dancing!

(See the book's YouTube videos: Short version - Long Version.)


The Roof Top Hop, by Michael Sheahan; illustrated by Doug Wright (Finest Books)




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Holiday Wish List

The Best Holiday Books of the Past Two Years

With the holidays fast approaching, Independent Publisher has complied a list of our favorite wintertime and holiday books from the past two years. These IPPY, Moonbeam, and Living Now award winners provide everything from a look into the first Christmas to the best recipes for the winter season.

For Kids and Teens:

A Christmas Legend, by Frances M. Schindler; illustrated by Michael LaDuca (Action Title Publishing)

This charming illustrated children's book tells the Nativity story of the birth of Jesus in the manger with a renewed insight, and with the help of two humble animals.



Emma’s American Chinese New Yearby Amy Meadows; illustrated by Soon Kwong Teo (Outskirts Press)

It's time to celebrate the Chinese New Year - in America! Emma was adopted from China, and every year she eagerly awaits the celebration of the Chinese New Year.





The Little Big Book of Christmas: Carols, Stories, Poems, Recipes, edited by Lena Tabori; designed by Timothy Shaner and Kristen Sasamoto (Welcome Books)

Illustrated throughout with beautiful 19th and 20th century artwork, this book is filled with Christmas stories, carols, biblical verse, recipes, Christmas history, and lore.




Lucky: The Tale of a Tree, by Richard C. Hawkins; illustrated by Deb Hoeffner (Worldways Productions)

A young tree experiences the magic, and fleeting nature, of the Christmas season.








Print in the Snow: Anna’s Adventure in the Wyssun World, by E. V. Svetova; Illustrated by Marina Botyleva (Print In The Snow)

It's fourteen-year-old Anna's first winter in New York City. Much to her surprise she meets another cross-country skier, an attractive boy about her own age, who has something of an unreal quality about him. Against her better judgment, she follows him into what turns out to be a snow-covered magical netherworld.






Problems in Purimville: A Purim Story, by Karen Fisman; illustrated by Wendy Faust (JoRa Books)

In a delightful tale full of tasty hamantashen, marvelous costumes, and very noisy graggers, Jacob and Sarah must draw on their wits and courage to try to solve the Problems in Purimville.








Snowflakes, by Jennifer Preston Chushcoff; Illustrated and engineered by Yevgeniya Yeretskaya (Jumping Jack Press)

The intricate beauty of snowflakes is fully revealed in this amazing pop-up book. An enchanting explanation of the uniqueness of snowflakes supplemented by information about the real life Snowflake Man, Wilson A. Bentley, who was the first to photograph snowflakes, engages readers of all ages. 



‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore; illustrated by Elena Almazova & Vitaly Shvarov; edited by Santa Claus (Grafton and Scratch Publishers)

A letter from Santa Claus: In this special twenty-first-century edition, select lines have quietly slipped from the pages. 






Visiting the Visitorsby Patrick “Packy” Mader; illustrated by Andrew Holmquist (Beaver’s Pond Press)

On a silent and magical Christmas Eve night, three children and their grandparents bear gifts down the starlit path to a stable. They take this peaceful, wintry journey to thank the visitors of centuries ago for their historic and holy visit.



For Grown-Ups:

The Christmas Gift: A Heartwarming Story of Compassion and Forgiveness, by R. William Bennett (Burgess Adams Publishing)

In a world with diminishing civility, increasing rancor and moral relativism, The Christmas Gift rises above the noise as a simple story about our relationships and the values that make them precious.







Christmas with the First Ladies: The White House Decorating Tradition from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obamaby Coleen Christian Burke (Insight Editions)

No home in America celebrates Christmas quite like the White House. Whether adorned with hand-made ornaments or thoughtful crafts, the White House has warmly welcomed celebrities, dignitaries, and hardworking Americans and epitomized the Christmas spirit. And behind each holiday celebration is a First Lady who lends her own style and grace to the festivities.



The Snow Whale, by John Minichillo (Atticus Books)

When John Jacobs, a mild-mannered suburban office worker, takes a DNA test and discovers that he is part-Inuit, he so embraces his new identity that he declares it his Inupiat tribal right to set forth on a whale hunt.







Winter Harvest Cookbook, by Lane Morgen (New Society Publishers) 

Anyone can include more local food in their diet at the peak of summer, but what do you do when the tomatoes are done and the first greens of spring are months away? The Winter Harvest Cookbook takes a seasonal approach to eating, even during the coldest months of the year.




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