"Everybody Comes to Frankfurt Because Everybody Comes to Frankfurt".

For six days in October, Frankfurt is home to the world's biggest international trade fair for publishing - these six days appear in the diary of every professional who produces and sells books or electronic media. Last year, in an exhibition area of 600,000 square feet, visitors found a stunning total of about 380,000 books, magazines, maps, multimedia products and art works from 6,643 individual exhibitors: publishers, multimedia producers and art galleries from 105 countries. 282,651 visitors - writers and publishers, booksellers and librarians, agents and journalists: "Everybody comes to Frankfurt because everybody comes to Frankfurt". Whether you come to Frankfurt as an exhibitor or visitor, the Frankfurt Book Fair extends its welcome. We thank you for your comments and suggestions.Contact: online@book-fair.com


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Book Publishing Tips of the Day

Throughout the month of August, we will provide tips about making the most of attending the 52nd Annual Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest market for selling foreign rights.
Utilize the Frankfurt Rights Catalogue, the largest non-partisan "virtual" market place for books and multimedia. Via the Frankfurt Rights Catalogue, the largest non-partisan "virtual" market place for books and multimedia, you can exploit the great opportunities of digital information technology by presenting rights for sale of your intellectual property (books, music, audio recordings, images, films, multimedia products or the individual components thereof) on the global market.

At present about 14,000 titles from 76 countries in 59 languages are registered. About 2,700 active links and email addresses allow a direct exchange of information between publishers and other rights owners worldwide.

The Frankfurt Rights Catalogue is an interactive system designed as a service for the publishing and information industries which implements globally accepted technical and copyright standards and guarantees a level playing field for small and large organizations alike.

You may register titles in the Frankfurt Rights Catalogue online by downloading the electronic registration form. There you will also find practical information about the registration procedure.

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