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The "IPPY" Awards, launched in 1996, are designed to bring increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers. Established as the first awards program open exclusively to independents, over 3,000 "IPPYs" have been awarded to authors and publishers around the world.


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2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards Regional & Ebook Results

Recognizing Excellence in Independent Publishing

Here are the results of the 2016 Independent Publisher Regional and Ebook Awards, presented to the year's best titles published in these important and growing divisions of independent publishing.

Listed below are the Regional fiction and non-fiction medalists and the Ebook fiction and non-fiction medalists.

To view the National and Outstanding medalists, click the links below.

Congratulations to all!




US Northeast – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Island of Worthy Boys, by Connie Hertzberg Mayo (She Writes Press)

SILVER: Backcast, by Ann Mcman (Bywater Books)

BRONZE: Leaving the Beach, by Mary Rowen (Booktrope Editions)

US Northeast – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: The Edge Becomes the Center: An Oral History of Gentrification in the Twenty-First Centuryby DW Gibson (Overlook Press)

SILVER (tie): Freedom Trail Pop Up Book of Boston, by Denise D. Price (White Dharma LTD)

Outdoor Gallery New York City, by Yoav Litvin (Gingko Press)

BRONZE: Upstate Cauldron, by Joscelyn Godwin (Excelsior Editions / SUNY Press)

Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Boys From Eighth and Carpenter, by Tom Mendicino (Kensington Books)

SILVER: The Man His Father Was, by Pat Leonard (Golden Pheasant Press)

BRONZE: Dagger in the Cup, by JB Hamilton Queen (iUniverse)

Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD (tie): Baltimore Orioles: 60 Years of Orioles Magic, by Jim Henneman (Insight Editions)

At Home in the President’s Neighborhood: A Photographic Tour, by Bruce M. White and William Seale (White House Historical Association)

SILVER: Goodbye Mister Fifteen, by Roger Engle (Girls On Press)

BRONZE: Jockey Hollow: Where a Forgotten Army Persevered to Win America’s Freedom, by Rosalie Lauerman (Self-Published)

Southeast – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Minnow, by James McTeer  (Hub City Press)

SILVER: Fate Moreland’s Widow: A Novel, by John Lane  (University of South Carolina Press)

BRONZE: The Wiregrass, by Pam Webber  (She Writes Press)

Southeast – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Beholding Nature, by Eric Horan (Lydia Inglett Publishing)

SILVER (tie): Edisto River: Black Water, Crown Jewel, by Larry Price, Photographer, Rosie Price and Susan Kammeraad-Campbell, Co-Authors (Joggling Board Press)

For Sale: American Paradise: How Our Nation was Sold an Impossible Dream in Florida, by Willie Drye (Globe Pequot)

BRONZE: Remain Free, by Gautam Narula (Centaurii Publishing)

South – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Representative, by Matt Minor (Dead Tree)

SILVER: Mulberry, by Paulette Boudreaux (Carolina Wren Press)

BRONZE: South of Everything, by Audrey Taylor Gonzalez (She Writes Press)

South – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Way Down in Louisiana, by Todd Mouton (University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press)

SILVER (tie): The Good Times Rolled, by Bernard Hermann (University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press)

Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, by Jeremy Enlow (Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography)

BRONZE: New Orleans: Life and Death in the Big Easy, by Cheryl Gerber (University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press)

Great Lakes – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Here: Women Writing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Edited by Ronald Riekki (Michigan State University Press)

SILVER: Eating Bull, by Carrie Rubin (Science Thrillers Media)

BRONZE: Enemy Within, by Julia C. Hoffman (CreateSpace)

Great Lakes – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Great Girls in Michigan History, by Patricia Majher (Wayne State University Press)

SILVER: A Time of Terror: A Survivor’s Story, by James Cameron (LifeWrites Press)

BRONZE (tie): Milwaukee: City of Neighborhoods, by John Gurda (Historic Milwaukee, Inc.)

Richard Nickel: Dangerous Years, by Richard Cahan and Michael Williams (CityFiles Press)

Midwest – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Road Home, by Kathleen Shoop (CreateSpace)

SILVER: Switching Sides, by Marilyn Bos (Flat Sole Studio)

BRONZE: Becoming Phoebe, by J. Michael Neal (Melancholy Donkey Press)

Midwest – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Wenonah’s Story: A Memoir of a Chickasaw Family, by Robin Gunning (White Dog Press)

SILVER (tie): John Lopez: Sculpture (Grand River Series),  (John Lopez Studio)

Chokma’si: The Beauty of the Chickasaw Nation, by Branden Hart (Chickasaw Press)

BRONZE: Lake Minnetonka Eats: Recipes from the Lake Area’s Favorite Restaurants, by Tiffany Winter (Cooks Bay Marketing)

West-Mountain – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Deer Walking Upside Down, by Jerry McGahan (Schaffner Press)

SILVER: The Lost Gold: An Elegy for Santa Fe, by Tori Warner Shepard (CreateSpace)

BRONZE: Uncompahgre: Where Water Turns Rock Red, by Reid Lance Rosenthal (Writing Dream LLC)

West-Mountain – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Sacred Places: Watercolour Diaries from the American Southwest, by Julie M. Muñiz with contributions by James K. Ballinger, Tony Foster, Heidi M. Hackford (Foster Art & Wilderness Foundation)

SILVER (tie): Desert Bighorn Sheep: Wilderness Icon, by Mark C. Jorgensen (Sunbelt Publications)

Classic Yellowstone: The Best of the World’s First National Park, by Susan M. Neider (Rainstone Press)

BRONZE: From the Restaurants of Park City, A Mountain Town’s Cookbook, by Lauren Nadler (Park City Publishing)

West-Pacific – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Shelter Us, by Laura Nicole Diamond (She Writes Press)

SILVER: The Fog Seller, by Don Daglow (CreateSpace)

BRONZE (tie): The Alexandrite, by Rick Lenz (Chromodroid Press)

The Other Side of Him, by Alice Rene (California Country Press)

West-Pacific – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: LAtitudes: An Angeleno’s Atlas, edited by Patricia Wakida (Heyday)

SILVER (tie): Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse, by Robin Hutton (Regenery History)

The Tall Trees of Portland, by Matt Wagner (Overcup Press)

BRONZE (tie): Ramblin’ Boy: The Letters of Steve Hoyt, by Daniel Leen (Ecodesigns NW Publishers)

Where Eagles Gather, by Joe Ordóñez (Self-Published) 

Canada-East – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: One Hit Wonders, by Patrick Warner (Breakwater Books Ltd.)

SILVER: Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You, by Donna Decker (Inanna Publications & Education)

BRONZE: Pelee Island Stories, by Tanya Coovadia (Crabapple Mews Collective)

Canada-East – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: The Long Run, by Joan Sullivan (Breakwater Books Ltd.)

SILVER: Street Angel, by Magie Dominic (Wilfrid Laurier University Press)

BRONZE: Knots Made Good: Sailing Adventures in Eastern Canada, by Eric North (Next View Publishing)

Canada-West – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: The Hivernante: Marie Anne Lajimoniere, The White Mother of the West, by Mary Willan Mason (iUniverse)

SILVER: Ledger of the Open Hand, by Leslie Vryenhoek (Breakwater Books Ltd.)

BRONZE: High Rider, by Bill Gallaher (Touchwood Editions)

Canada-West – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Why Grow Here, by Kathryn Chase Merrett (University of Alberta Press)

SILVER: Uncharted Waters: The Explorations of José Narváez (1768-1840), by Jim McDowell (Ronsdale Press)

BRONZE: Born to the Wild: Journals of a National Park Warden in the Canadian Rockies, by Rob Kaye (Grey Wolf Books)

Australia/New Zealand – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: A Drop in the Ocean: A Novel, by Jenni Ogden (She Writes Press)

SILVER: The Expressionist, by Dean Mobbs (Dean Mobbs Gallery)

BRONZE: Harry’s World, by A.B. Patterson (Self Published)

Australia/New Zealand – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Vivid: The Paul Hartigan Story, by Don Abbott (self Published)

SILVER (tie): One Foot on the Podium, by Don Elgin (Self Published)

A Cut Above: Cooking with Angus Pure, by Gerhard Egger (Gerhard Egger Photographer)

BRONZE: Fly Over Down Under: Australian Adventures by Single-Engine Airplane, by Michelee Morgan Cabot (Wheatmark, Inc.)

Europe – Best Regional Fiction

GOLD: Even in Darkness, by Barbara Stark-Nemon (She Writes Press)

SILVER: The Errant Flock, by Jana Petken (CreateSpace)

BRONZE: The Father-Daughter Club, by Alison Ragsdale (CreateSpace)

Europe – Best Regional Non-Fiction

GOLD: Conciatore: The Life and Times of 17th Century Glassmaker Antonio Neri, by Paul Engle (Heiden & Engle)

SILVER: Buchenwald: Hell on a Hilltop, by Flint Whitlock (Cable Publishing)

BRONZE (tie): Live Souls: Citizens and Volunteers of Civil War Spain, by Serge Alternês & Alec Wainman (Ronsdale Press) 

Into the Carpathians: A Journey Through the Heart and History of Central and Eastern Europe, by Alan E. Sparks (Köelerbooks)



E1. Best Adult Fiction E-Book

GOLD: The Renegade Queen, by Eva Flynn (Omega Press)

SILVER: Rochester, by Cora Holmes (Legend Books)

BRONZE (tie): Until Shiloh Comes, by Karl Bacon (Historical Chronicles Press)

Stella Rose, by Tammy Flanders Hetrick (She Writes Press)

E2. Best Romance/Erotica E-Book

GOLD: Heather House: Witch of the Moors, by Carmen Caine (CreateSpace)

SILVER: The Shortstop, by A.M. Madden (CreateSpace)

BRONZE: Forever Mine, by Monica Burns (Maroli SP Imprints)

E3. Best Mystery/Thriller E-Book

GOLD: Drop Dead Punk, by Rich Zahradnik (Camel Press)

SILVER (tie): Jack and Joe, by Diane Capri (August Books)

Circled, by Anne McAneny (Farrington Press)

BRONZE: Corruption of Power, by GW Eccles (Peach Publishing)

E4. Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror E-Book

GOLD: Dragonfriend, by Marc Secchia (CreateSpace)

SILVER: Storming, by K.M. Weiland (PenForASword Publishing)

BRONZE (tie): The Light Who Shines, by Lilo Abernathy (Self-Published)

The Caine File, by Angela Ciccolo (Carthage Road)

E5. Best Adult Non-Fiction Personal E-Book

GOLD: Not My Secret to Keep, by Digene Farrar (Sunsielle Press)

SILVER: Motions and Moments, by Michael Pronko (Raked Gravel Press)

BRONZE: Ace: The Story of Lt. Col. Ace Cozzalio, by Rex Gooch (Lighthorse Publishing Company)

E6. Best Adult Non-Fiction Informational E-Book

GOLD: The Road to Cuba: The Opportunities and Risks for US Business (Wharton Digital Press)

SILVER (tie): Young Performers at Work: Child Star Survival Guide, by Sally Gaglini (Zip Celebrity Media)

Marriages End. Families Don’t. Divorce Wisely, by Suzanne Grandchamp (Self-Published)

BRONZE: The Illustrated Courtroom: 50 Years of Court Art, by Elizabeth Williams and Sue Russell (CUNY Journalism Press)

E7. Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction E-Book

GOLD: Glimmer, by Tricia Cerrone (Stone Media)

SILVER: The Jack of Souls, by Stephen Merlino (Tortoise Rampant Press)

BRONZE (tie): Crisanta Knight: Protagonist Bound, by Geanna Culbertson (BQB Publishing)

The Train from Outer Space, by Alan Sproles and Lizanne Southgate (BookBaby)

E8. Best Children's Illustrated E-Book

GOLD: Believe in Yourself, by Trisha Rao (R.A.R.E. Global Enterprises)

SILVER (tie): Gertrude and Toby’s Friday Adventure, by Shari Tharp; illustrated by Jim Heath (Atlas Publishing)

Colors!: Take the Dog Out, by Lynne Dempsey; illustrated by Mandy Newham-Cobb (Self-Published)

BRONZE: Patch the Steampunk Pirate Bear, by Matthew Dean (Self-Published)

E9. Best Regional E-Book – East of the Mississippi

GOLD: Old Wounds to the Heart, by Ken Oder (SkipJack Publishing)

SILVER: Payback: The Canine Handler, by Maria Hillegas (Year of the Book)

BRONZE: Protecting Paige, by Deby Eisenberg (Studio House Literary)

E10. Best Regional E-Book – West of the Mississippi

GOLD: Maybe Forever, by Kim Golden (Echo Books)

SILVER: Exponential Influence: Designing Digital Habits That Engage Distracted Customers, by Adrian Ott (Exponential Edge)

BRONZE: Getting Mama Out of Hell, by Laurie Moore (Five Star)