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She Writes University: 7 weeks of online writing classes and workshops with bestselling authors and publishing insiders.

Register today and attend the live events or view the recordings at your leisure. 

Three ways to save:

  • Get your first class for $69 with code IP30
  • Purchase three or more classes and pay just $69 per class
  • Register for all 7 classes and pay just $50 per class (Remember! You can view the recording of any classes you¹ve already missed)

Meet the instructors here and view the full class lineup here.


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She Writes University

Learn from the Experts - and Disruptors - of Publishing

Here at IndependentPublisher, we see thousands of indie books come through our door every year... the good, the bad, and the ugly. While many self-published books suffer from poor execution and production quality, others are shining examples of what an indie author can and should accomplish - with the right resources and the proper guidance. But where to find that guidance, in an internet swimming with content aimed at indie authors?

SheWrites and SparkPoint Studio, creators of some of the best indie books we have seen, are holding the first SheWrites University, an online, live-webinar based program meant to share the wealth of accumulated knowledge of the SheWrites community. The program is designed much like a typical university course, with reading materials, live lectures, and archived recordings so you can access the course materials at your convenience. If you are looking for a comprehensive approach to publishing by people who have been there, look no further. And men, not to worry - the university is open for enrollment to everyone!

IP got the chance to speak with the women behind SheWrites University: Crystal Patriarche, CEO of SparkPoint Studio; Brooke Warner, publisher of SheWrites Press and SparkPress; and Kristin Bustamante, Chief Content officer of SparkPoint Studio. Read on to find out how they conceptualized and enacted SheWrites Univeristy. 


Where did the idea for She Writes University come from?

The idea for She Writes University came from our community and content site, is the largest online community of women writers. Being on the site daily, engaging in conversations with our members and creating content to guide them along their publishing path, we realized that there are so many ways we can learn from each other. The community is mix of never-been published, debut and established authors alike, and She Writes University is a reflection of that. Whether you are a member of or not, we have writing classes meant to help you get your manuscript started or put the final touches on it or hone your craft for the next book. There are also classes about securing an agent in this overcrowded market and classes about exploring non-traditional roads to publication. We wanted to support women (and men!), wherever they are on their writing journey and give them unprecedented access to the women who¹ve gone before them.


What are you looking for from the teachers and their classes, and how were the teachers chosen?

The instructors were handpicked for their dynamic and diverse backgrounds. They¹re disruptors in publishing, with credentials ranging from New York Times bestseller to award-winning publisher to slam poet! These women are inspiring, passionate and committed to training up other writers. Our publisher, Brooke Warner, began the conversations with these women, explaining the intention behind She Writes University. It¹s interesting to note that these women are so committed to She Writes University, we actually pushed our first semester back a full 6 months and each instructor stayed locked in! That¹s not easy with looming pub dates, pipelines and projects. We¹re honored to be partnering with these women.


What will the classes offer indie authors and publishers?

We were very intentional about the story arc of our semester! Was there something for every writer? Within each class, could we serve writers in the many different phases of publishing? Beyond writing, are we equipping women for success within the ever-changing publishing landscape? This inaugural semester does just that. You can attend all classes or pick and choose which classes interest you most. We kicked off last week with a class on structure by Rebecca Skloot, the New York Times bestselling author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (which is being produced for HBO by Oprah Winfrey!). The feedback was unanimous - everyone felt they learned something really valuable for their writing, whether they¹re on draft one or book five. In addition to the mechanics of writing, we have classes about identifying your audience, landing an agent and navigating the publishing landscape.


What is the structure of the online university, or how do students "attend" and participate?

There are three ways to really get involved with She Writes University - it¹s all about what works for you and your schedule. You can attend the live webinar events and participate in live Q&A with the instructor right after the class. Or, you can register for the event and view the recorded class the day after class wraps. All students have access to the recordings of their classes for at least two months so you have time to review the materials at your own pace. Finally, all students are invited to "attend" the office hours of our instructors. These occur as a Facebook chat in our private Facebook group and even if you¹re only registered for a single class, you¹re welcome to participate in all the office hours.