A History of the YPC

“I launched YPC in 2010 and have been enhancing the curriculum ever since. What we cover in the curriculum responds to changes and the most important issues facing the industry and takes into account the feedback we receive from very detailed evaluations by past participants. Over the years, I’ve encouraged the speakers to make their sessions more informal and interactive, and that has been extremely well received.”

—Tina C. Weiner, Director of the Yale Publishing Course


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The Yale Publishing Course Joins the Yale School of Management

New and Noteworthy for the 2017 YPC

The Yale Publishing Course, the premier program for mid- to upper-level publishing professionals, has made an exciting change for their 2017 book and magazine courses. This year, the YPC is partnering with the Yale School of Management to create a new curriculum that maintains the YPC’s dedication to providing a world-class learning environment for people passionate about books.

As their website states, the Yale Publishing Course “integrates practical wisdom from experts in publishing with research and management techniques from Yale School of Management professors. You’ll be challenged to deeply analyze your own work by examples of how best-in-class publishers handle every aspect of their business, from editorial, marketing and business strategies to digital transformation.”

I spoke with Director Tina C. Weiner about this year’s programs and all the perks attendees have to look forward to. This year’s magazine course runs from July 23–28, 2017, and the book course runs July 30–August 4, 2017. Don’t miss out!


Independent Publisher: How will the program change with the new collaboration between the YPC and the Yale School of Management?

TW: Our goal is to create an educational experience that focuses on the book publishing industry while offering a broader perspective on management and leadership training, an approach that is not available at other industry events. In the past, we have included a few sessions given by faculty from the Yale School of Management, and they have been very highly rated by the attendees. It seemed a logical progression to include more of these and work more closely with the expertise available in SOM’s executive education programs. By moving the course to the brand-new, amazing facility at SOM, we will have greater access to its distinguished faculty and its state-of-the-art classrooms and meeting areas.

To learn more about the collaboration between the YPC and SOM, click here.


IP: Who are a few of this year’s new speakers?

TW: Speakers from the Yale School of Management include:

  • Amy Wrzesniewski, Professor of Organizational Behavior, on managing organizational change
  • James Baron, Professor of Management, on team decision making
  • Marissa King, Professor of Organizational Behavior, on decision making for leaders
  • Nathan Novemsky, Professor of Marketing, on a behavioral approach to customer insights
  • Jiwoong Shin, Professor of Marketing, on the importance of having a strong brand
  • Rodrigo Canales, associate professor of Organizational Behavior, on networks and structures of innovation

Speakers from the book publishing industry include:

  • Nihar Malaviya, EVP and Chief Operating Officer Penguin Random House, on what the digital revolution portends for publishers
  • Tim Sullivan, Editorial Director, Harvard Business Review Press, on the strategic transformation of the Harvard Business Review Press
  • Kirsty Melville, President and Publisher, Andrews McMeel Universal, on the changing role of the publisher
  • Marcus Leaver, CEO, the Quarto Group Inc., on how to do business worldwide in the shifting landscape of 21st century publishing
  • And many others!


IP: Can you speak briefly to the main topics of the course?

TW: There are four main topics this year:

Leadership in Turbulent Times: The theme of leadership will be addressed throughout the program in lectures and workshops led by SOM faculty and with real world examples given by industry leaders on how they manage change, motivate their staff, and plan for the future.

Innovation Strategy: Rodrigo Canales will discuss under what circumstances and what kind of environments foster innovation and various industry speakers will discuss instances of innovation within their own companies.

Rethinking Consumer Behavior: There will be a lecture by Professor Novemsky showing research on this topic and then speakers like Malaviya and a team of others, including Leigh Marchant, VP, Marketing Director, Random House, Kristin Fassler, VP, Marketing Director, Ballantine, Bantam, Dell, and Leslie Prives, Director of Digital Marketing, Random House, discussing how their data on consumer behavior influenced their decision making.

Brand Building in a Digital Age: Professor Shin from SOM will present theory and research on the topic and several speakers, such as Sullivan, Leaver, and Melville, will demonstrate what they are doing to build their brands.

The drift here is how theory and research presented by SOM professors are then illustrated by the experiences of various publishers. Each day will include speakers from SOM and industry professionals. The view is from 30,000 feet zooming to ground level with a Q & A extension. I think this approach will be a novel and exciting way to energize and inspire future industry leaders.


IP: What do you feel is the biggest takeaway for participants year after year?

TW: I think YPC gives people a broader view of what is happening in the industry worldwide and allows them the time and permission to rethink their role within their own companies. The goal is to give attendees the knowledge and skills to prepare them to lead their companies to a more successful and sustainable future. YPC alums have said that they truly value the accessibility the small class size affords them to the faculty and the ample opportunity they have to network with their peers. After five days immersed in thinking about publishing, away from their day-to-day routines, they look at their careers in a much broader perspective and return to their companies with practical takeaways to share with their colleagues.

Jillian Bergsma Manning is a contributing editor for Independent Publisher. She loves reading and writing but not arithmetic. Follow her on Twitter at @LillianJaine or on her blog at www.editorsays.com.