Bernard (Bear) Kamoroff, CPA, displays at book fairs and other industry events for the express purpose of gathering user feedback for Small Time Operator (23 revised editions and 53 printings in 21 years). At one fair, a woman said the business book was not for her because she was self-employed. So, Kamoroff added to the cover: For All Small Businesses, Self-Employed Individuals, Employers, Professionals, Independent Contractors, and Home-Based Businesses. Also, due to customer feedback, he has increased the index from three pages to seven. Tel: 800-515-8050


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"Sell Products, Not Hours"

Hours are few, products are many.

Most people sell their hours. Whether they work for someone else and punch a clock or are self-employed, they are selling their time. Some people charge more for their hours than others do. Doctors, for example, charge a great deal for their time.

The challenge is that even doctors have only eight, ten, or twelve hours a day to sell. Once those hours are sold, they stop earning. A product, on the other hand, can keep on selling. Once you have developed it, it can sell even while you are sleeping. The ideal mix is to sell some of your hours and a lot of product.

A book is a product; an ideal product.

"I must govern the clock, not be governed by it." -Golda Meir (1898-1978), Israeli premier and a founder of the state of Israel.

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Don't waste your money on expensive, elaborate media kits. They gain little and cost lots. Simple yet powerful will do the trick at a fraction of the cost. The media is more interested that you have a good book, and an even better message to tell their audience.

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