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Indie Groundbreaking Book: Riveted

Vol. 30 - Issue 7

The Obsession Issue

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Short Leash: A Memoir of Dog Walking and Deliverance

Vol. 31 - Issue 8

New Memoir Uses the “Dog Book” Motif to Tell an Emotional Human Story

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids

Vol. 30 - Issue 1

Author reminds us that what we say really matters

Indie Groundbreaking Book: The Artist's Guide to Success in the Music Business

Vol. 31 - Issue 6

New book gives artists a comprehensive map to music industry success

Indie Groundbreaking Book: The End of the Sherry

Vol. 32 - Issue 2

Youthful Adventure with Nostalgia and Color

Indie Groundbreaking Book: The Motor City and Me

Vol. 31 - Issue 10

Independent Author Hopes for Detroit Revitalization by Reflecting on the City’s Former Greatness

Indie Groundbreaking Book: The Noisiest Book Review in the Known World

Vol. 31 - Issue 1

Witty Literary Journal Collects its Greatest Hits

Indie Groundbreaking Book: The Potential of Poetry

Vol. 29 - Issue 2

Building a strong case for poetic freedom and a New Eclecticism

Indie Groundbreaking Book: The Strange Case of Mr. Bodkin & Father Whitechapel

Vol. 30 - Issue 11

Jekyll and Hyde Reimagined

Indie Groundbreaking Book: This Is Where It Gets Interesting

Vol. 33 - Issue 1

New Short Story Collection Combines the Paranormal and the Mundane for a Thoroughly Entertaining Read

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Walking Naked in Tehran

Vol. 31 - Issue 4

Refreshing memoir explores the Middle East with a new outlook

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Ways of Leaving

Vol. 32 - Issue 9

Heartbreaking Novel Functions as a Character Study into a Fractured Soul

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Western Civilization

Vol. 33 - Issue 2

History Book for Kindle Singlehandedly Renders the Old Textbook Model Obsolete

Indie Groundbreaking Book: What Has Nature Ever Done For Us?

Vol. 31 - Issue 7

British Environmental Figure Aims to Start a Conversation on Economy and Ecology

Indie Groundbreaking Book: What Precision, Such Restraint

Vol. 31 - Issue 3

New short story collection emphasizes experimental writing

Indie Groundbreaking Book: When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home

Vol. 30 - Issue 1

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Work Positive in a Negative World

Vol. 29 - Issue 8

Time is Money – and so is Attitude

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Work Positive in a Negative World

Vol. 30 - Issue 1

Time is Money – and so is Attitude

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Writing with the Master

Vol. 32 - Issue 4

Author Highlights Writing Sessions with John Grisham in Eye-Opening New Book

Indie Groundbreaking Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Vol. 27 - Issue 2

B-K Crash-Publishes Declaration of Independence from Wall Street in 50 Days

Indie Groundbreaking Publisher: Dawn Publications

Vol. 27 - Issue 7

Sharing the Joy of Nature with Children for 30 Years

Indie Groundbreaking Publisher: Lee & Low Books

Vol. 27 - Issue 9

Being inclusive is about living inclusively every day of our lives.

Indie Groundbreaking Publisher: OR Books

Vol. 28 - Issue 7

A Brave New Publishing Model

Indie Groundbreaking Publisher: Prometheus Books

Vol. 27 - Issue 4

Dedicated to Telling the Truth

Indie Groundbreaking Publisher: The Harvard Common Press

Vol. 29 - Issue 1

Inspiring Cookbooks & Parenting Guides You Can Trust

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