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Independent Success! Breakthroughs in Publishing

Vol. 20 - Issue 12

What Does That Book Got That Mine Don’t? PART IIA Conversation with Writer’s Digest National Self-Published Book Awards Judges

Independent Success! Breakthroughs in Publishing

Vol. 20 - Issue 11

What Does That Book Got That Mine Don’t? A Conversation with Award-Winning Authors - PART I

Independent Success! Breakthroughs in Publishing

Vol. 21 - Issue 2

This month: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Independent Success! Breakthroughs in Publishing

Vol. 21 - Issue 4

This month: REPENT! Author Helps Others Get Organized and Battle “Procrastinationosis” and “Packratitis”

Indiana University Press Partners with The Ohio State University to Publish Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts

Vol. 25 - Issue 2

Indiana University Press to Launch The Global South in February 2007

Vol. 24 - Issue 12

Indie Authors, Please Rise to the Occasion

Vol. 30 - Issue 8

It's Time to Change the Image of Self-Publishing

Indie Author’s Guide to The Universe

Vol. 30 - Issue 1

Why No One is Buying Your Book(s)

Indie Book Leaders

Vol. 33 - Issue 10

Groundbreaking, but Community Rooted

Indie Bookseller Shaman Drum Transforms Into Publisher

Vol. 22 - Issue 2

“The books that we want to read, the books we want to sell.”

Indie Groundbreaking Book: (1)ne Drop

Vol. 32 - Issue 10

Landmark Photo Essay Book Seeks to “Shift the Lens on Race”

Indie Groundbreaking Book: 50 Years: The Rolling Stones – Views from the Inside, Views from the Outside

Vol. 30 - Issue 9

The eBook People make a splash with first release

Indie Groundbreaking Book: A Surgeon's Odyssey

Vol. 36 - Issue 11

Fascinating Memoir Takes Readers Deep into the Heart of Third World Medicine

Indie Groundbreaking Book: A Year of Living Kindly

Vol. 36 - Issue 9

Personal Development Book Helps Readers Understand the Hows and Whys of Kindness

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Alphatudes

Vol. 28 - Issue 1

An Alphabet Book of Gratitude for Adults

Indie Groundbreaking Book: APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepeneur

Vol. 31 - Issue 5

Apple veteran hopes his latest book will become an independent publishing essential

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Awakened Leadership

Vol. 30 - Issue 8

Lessons on Business and Life from a Master

Indie Groundbreaking Book: BANG!

Vol. 29 - Issue 10

Author/Painter presents an eloquent version of How We Came to Be

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Becoming Generation Flux

Vol. 32 - Issue 11

New Book Tackles Issue of “Job Security” in the Modern World

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Bibliodiversity

Vol. 32 - Issue 12

Ambitious New Text Looks at the Variety Independent Publishers Bring to the Book World

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Breaking Free

Vol. 32 - Issue 1

Businessman Turned World Traveler Tells All in Powerful New Series

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Circuits of the Wind

Vol. 30 - Issue 12

A Look Back at the Internet Revolution That Defined a Generation

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Climate Myths

Vol. 31 - Issue 2

Political Doubt, Industrial Double-Dealings Cloud Climate Change Argument

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Deep Dive

Vol. 27 - Issue 7

Keep Your Business Afloat by Diving Deep

Indie Groundbreaking Book: Detour

Vol. 33 - Issue 3

Talented Author and Filmmaker Shares the Secrets of Successful Film Direction

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