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A Book WILL Be Judged by Its Cover -- and Contents

Vol. 21 - Issue 1

LIBRIS Business Insurance Services for Independent Booksellers and Book Publishers

A Boy King from Texas is Nominated for the National Book Award

Vol. 30 - Issue 11

A Conversation with Domingo Martinez

A Cast of Hundreds

Vol. 25 - Issue 5

Audiobook of the Year Award Finalists Feature Elaborate Productions and Celebrity Readers

A Family that Reads and Writes Together

Vol. 21 - Issue 2

Family publishing project speaks directly to children

A Great New Generation of Military Books

Vol. 19 - Issue 2

A battery of new books by WW I & II veterans -- and their children -- pay tribute to the generations that fought the 20th Century's great wars.

A History of Indie Publishing

Vol. 34 - Issue 2

A Joyful Holiday

Vol. 18 - Issue 12

What if you trimmed your holiday list of things to do...?

A Leap of Faith, or: I'm Publishing These Books Because Nobody Can Stop Me!

Vol. 18 - Issue 2

I left the earthquake-rocked, riot-torn insanity of L.A. and headed for Oklahoma's Cimarron Valley on April Fool's Day in 1994. Pausing to look out the jet's window, I was amazed that the entire city ...

A Letter From ABA President Ann Christophersen

Vol. 22 - Issue 1

BookSense 5th Birthday Update

A Letter From IeBAF Chairman Alberto Vitale

Vol. 19 - Issue 9

To our Friends in the eBook and Publishing communities:

A Literary New Year

Vol. 36 - Issue 1

Resolutions from Writers

A Look Back

Vol. 31 - Issue 1

Catch up with some of our recent featured publishers

A Look Back

Vol. 32 - Issue 1

Celebrating a Year of Booksellers

A New Chapter in Publicity, en Español

Vol. 20 - Issue 10

Publicists explore the Spanish-language book market

A NEW MOON RISING: The Birth of a Children's Book Publisher

Vol. 18 - Issue 1

First in a series of monthly updates from Moon Mountain Publishing, as we follow their company from the ground up.

A Night to Remember at the Copa

Vol. 36 - Issue 6

Celebrating the 2018 IPPY Awards / JUNE 2018

A Publishing Crossword Puzzle

Vol. 21 - Issue 10

Test your knowledge of publishing, writing, and book production terms.

A Publishing Education: Champlain College Publishing Initiative

Vol. 30 - Issue 5

Champlain College Publishing Initiative Undergrads Take Over the Industry

A Publishing Journalist Turned Indie Author

Vol. 32 - Issue 12

Paige Crutcher on Her Self-Publishing Experience

A Recap of 2014

Vol. 33 - Issue 1

Rounding Out the Year with a Look Back at Our Featured Publishers

A Shadow of Hope

Vol. 36 - Issue 2

New “Historical Novel” Shines a Light on Little-Known Story of the Lincoln Assassination

A Snapshot of American Reading Habits in 2017

Vol. 36 - Issue 1

An Infographic

A Valentine’s Day Special

Vol. 31 - Issue 2

Loving My Own Lessons

A Very Jazzy Ezine

Vol. 22 - Issue 1

Divergis Media Group Produces Audio Version of JazzTimes(R) Magazine

A Woman for President!?!

Vol. 22 - Issue 11

New book about first female candidate inspires political activism in youth

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