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Book Awards: Overview

Below are links and important information for Independent Publisher's six book award contests: the IPPYs, the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, the Illumination Book Awards, the Axiom Business Book Awards, the Living Now Awards and the eLit Awards. To the right are helpful links and resources regarding book awards.

IPPY Book Awards


Independent Publisher Book Awards

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IPPY Awards basics  Who- what-Where- why?



The Independent Publisher Book Awards (the “IPPYs”) are intended to bring increased recognition to the thousands of exemplary independent, university, and self-published titles published each year. The awards are open to all members of the independent publishing industry, and to authors and publishers worldwide who produce books intended for an English-speaking market. Since the inaugural contest in 1996, nearly 5,000 books have received IPPY Awards, along with the recognition, credibility, and increased sales that a book award can bring. Independent spirit and expertise comes from publishers of all sizes and budgets, and books are judged with that in mind.

The 2020 IPPY Awards are now open! Independently published titles, in English, released between Jan 1, 2018 and Feb 28, 2020 are eligible.  

Click HERE to request 2020 entry info or ask a question. 


Axiom Business Book Awards


Axiom Business Book Awards

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The Axiom Business Book Awards are intended to bring increased recognition to exemplary business books and their creators, with the understanding that business people are a very well-read and informed segment of the population, eager to learn about great new books that will inspire and inform them, and help them improve their careers and businesses. 

The 2020 Axiom Awards are now open, with an early-bird entry fee discount available until July 20, 2019.

Moonbeam Book Awards


Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

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The Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards are open to authors, illustrators, and publishers of children’s books written in English or Spanish and intended for the North American market. The Moonbeam Awards bring increased recognition to exemplary children’s books and their creators, and are dedicated to supporting childhood literacy and life-long reading. As our society has gotten more complex and growing up has become more complicated, children’s book authors and publishers have risen to the occasion, creating books that not only celebrate the joys of childhood, but also help kids and families deal with its challenges. The Moonbeam Awards recognize and reward the best of these books and bring them to the attention of booksellers, librarians, parents and children.

The 2019 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards are open, with an early-bird entry fee of $85 good until June 23, 2019 -- good luck to all entrants!


Living Now Book Awards


Living Now Book Awards

Living Now Website






The Living Now Book Awards are designed to bring increased recognition to the year’s very best lifestyle books and their creators, and celebrate the innovation and creativity of newly published books that enhance the quality of our lives, from cooking and entertaining to fitness and spirituality. Lifestyle publishing categories such as home, family, health and personal development are the fastest-growing segments of book publishing today, and the Living Now Book Awards help demonstrate the importance of these books to readers and their vitality in the marketplace.

The 2019 Living Now Awards are open until July 13. Good luck to all the entrants!

Illumination Book Awards


Illumination Book Awards

Illumination Website

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The Illumination Book Awards are designed to honor the year's best new titles written and published with a Christian worldview. Award categories range from Bible Study and Devotional to family-oriented subjects like Education and Children's Picture Book. The purpose of the Illumination Book Awards is to bring award recipients the credibility and publicity they need to further their book marketing and sales success.

The 2020 Illumination Awards are now open! Click HERE to request entry info or to ask a question.

ELit Book Awards


elit Awards

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The eLit Awards are an industry-wide, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the electronic publishing industry, and are committed to illuminating and honoring the very best of English language digital publishing entertainment. The eLit Awards celebrate the ever growing market of electronic publishing in the wide variety of reader formats. Hail the revolutionary world of e-books and join the awards program that’s highlighting the best in electronic reading entertainment!

The 2020 eLit Awards will open soon! Click HERE to request entry info or to ask a question.