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Alma Books

Vol. 34 - Issue 3

A Publisher with a Soul

ALSC announces new children's book award named for Theodor Seuss Geisel

Vol. 23 - Issue 2

Amalia’s Steps to Successful Book Production

Vol. 31 - Issue 7

How to Get from a Vision to an Award-Winning Book

Amazon News: Kindle First and Kirshbaum Out

Vol. 31 - Issue 11 and Quill & Quire Announce Finalists for 2011 First Novel Award

Vol. 30 - Issue 2 Announces Innovative Digital Book Programs

Vol. 23 - Issue 11

Customers Will Be Able to Purchase Online Access to Any Page, Section, or Chapter of a Book, as Well as the Book in Its Entirety Works with Publishers to Make Book Pages Available for Customers to Flip Through

Vol. 19 - Issue 10

Customers Now Able to Look Inside Some of the Books at

Ambassador of Books: Foreign Rights for the Self-Publisher

Vol. 24 - Issue 9

Amberjack Publishing

Vol. 34 - Issue 9

Binge-Worthy Books


Vol. 18 - Issue 2

The American Book Readers Association, based in Monroe, North Carolina, and comprised of members throughout the United States, selected winners for the Best Authors and Books of the 20th Century, in 1...

American Christian Fiction Writers Conference

Vol. 32 - Issue 7

American Copy Editors Society Conference

Vol. 34 - Issue 12

American Copy Editors Society Editing Boot Camp

Vol. 32 - Issue 8

American Library Association Announces 2012 Youth Media Award Winners

Vol. 30 - Issue 1

American Library Association announces award winners; Peck, Small receive Newbery, Caldecott Medals

Vol. 19 - Issue 1

Independent publishers Candlewick Press (Because of Winn-Dixie) and Handprint Books (Casey at the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888) win Honor Awards.

American Library Association Releases “Ebook Business Models for Public Libraries”

Vol. 30 - Issue 8

Americana Publishing Inc. to Release CD and Cassette of Inspiration and Hope

Vol. 19 - Issue 10

Production’s mission is to lend to the healing of weary-hearted Americans

Americas Society’s 40th Anniversary Literary Exhibition

Vol. 23 - Issue 10

An 875-Word History of Publishing

Vol. 30 - Issue 1

From Gutenberg to eBooks and More

An Award-Winning Author Shares Her Story

Vol. 32 - Issue 5

Q&A With Ali Smith On Her Book, Marketing, and the Publishing Journey

An Elephant in a Room Full of Authors

Vol. 21 - Issue 11 offers benefits to those willing to play along

An Excerpt from: 4.0: A ‘Living Book’ to Help You Compete with the Giants of Publishing

Vol. 24 - Issue 9

Chapter 1: Why Self-Publish?

An Independent Publisher with a Major League Attitude

Vol. 21 - Issue 4

Sports Publishing LLC Scores Big Publishing Points

An Interview with Award-Winning Author Warren Lehrer

Vol. 32 - Issue 7

Part 1 of 2

An Interview with Award-Winning Author Warren Lehrer

Vol. 32 - Issue 8

Part 2 of 2

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