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Discovering “The Secrets That Lie Within”

Vol. 20 - Issue 8

Authors lead readers toward an optimal life by helping them find what was always within their reach

Dissecting the Bestsellers of Self-Publishing

Vol. 33 - Issue 3

What You Can Learn from Self-Published Success Stories

Diversion Books

Vol. 31 - Issue 9

A Next-Generation Publisher for the Modern Reader

DIY—Create Your Own Imprint

Vol. 31 - Issue 7

The Pros and Cons of Starting Up

Do You Have Publishing Street Smarts?

Vol. 24 - Issue 1

A conversation with authors Jenna Glatzer and Daniel Steven

Doing the Show - A BookExpo America '06 Follow-Up

Vol. 24 - Issue 6

It's all about making a good impression and following up VERY thoroughly.

Don't Lose Track Vol. 1

Vol. 34 - Issue 1

Anthology Showcases a Unique and Versatile New Voice in the Culture Writing Sphere

Don’t Be Surprised…Believe.

Vol. 24 - Issue 5

You're likely a better writer than you think and you probably even have FANS!

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even (Smarter)

Vol. 24 - Issue 4

Paladin Press Battles Internet Giants with Hi-Tech Weaponry

Drawn Together

Vol. 34 - Issue 6

Dual biography traces the lives of two influential illustrators

Duke University Press Books Win Awards

Vol. 21 - Issue 11

Competition Honors African-American Writers

Dzanc Books

Vol. 30 - Issue 11

Promoting Literacy and Pioneering Digitalization of New and Old Printed Works

e-Book Bytes

Vol. 18 - Issue 2

This Month:Reading the First Page of the New e-Book Chapter

e-Book Bytes

Vol. 18 - Issue 3

This month: Browsers vs Browsers - Many e-publishers make effective use of Web space by placing varying amounts of the e-book on their site as a sample. How much does an Internet-surfing e-book reader...

e-book Bytes

Vol. 18 - Issue 4

This month: Are e-Books Storming the Gateway?One of the biggest debates concerning the evolution of electronic publishing is the worry thatwith such easy accessibility to the Internet, the quality of ...

e-book Bytes

Vol. 18 - Issue 5

This month: It's Only Worth The Paper It's Written On. For authors considering electronic publishing for the first time, contract terms are often a major concern and raise different issues than tradit...

E-Book News - Warren Adler Plans Quick Release of Book to Help Explain Cults and Terrorism; Reports on "Big Questions" Conference at Frankfurt Book Fair

Vol. 19 - Issue 11

Adler Will Use ePublishing Technology to Speed Book into Readers' Hands; Says eBooks are Alive and Well

E-Book News: Ball State Tests Devices in Classroom

Vol. 20 - Issue 10

Students Looking to Improve Devices for Reading E-Books, Study Finds

E-Book Project to Give Free Access to Third of a Million Books In July

Vol. 24 - Issue 6

Electronic book devotees may want to set aside some extra screen time this summer

E-Ink To Develop E-Book Reader

Vol. 19 - Issue 11

Device to hit market in 2003, Reports E-Book Zone at

E-Publishing News - Is E-Business really Business?

Vol. 19 - Issue 10

The latest on E-Publishing from the Frankfurt Book Fair.

ebook Bytes

Vol. 18 - Issue 6

This Month: Browsers vs Browsers - Many e-publishers make effective use of webspace by placing varying amounts of the e-book(s) on their site as a sample. The idea being that publishers are providing ...

ebook Bytes

Vol. 18 - Issue 7

This month: On Moving Ground - Aliske pilots her way to the Rocket Book conference and shares her observations of the rapidly changing landscape.

eBook Bytes

Vol. 18 - Issue 8

This month: "A Different Slant." Beyond the technology issues of paper versus pixels, the ebook price war, the quality content dilemma, and copyright/piracy issues, there are some fundamental differen...

eBook Bytes - - A monthly column on electronic publishing.

Vol. 18 - Issue 10

This month: Much Ado...In the aftermath of the Frankfurt eBook Awards announcement of the Finalists this weekend, a small storm has been brewing in the e-publishing world.

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