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Barefoot Books

Vol. 31 - Issue 2

Building a Barefoot Community for Twenty Years

Barnes & Noble University Online Courses Include UNDERSTANDING POETRY and eBOOKS: THE FUTURE OF READING

Vol. 19 - Issue 3

New Classes are part of the Literature & Languages campus and start on April 9th.

Basically Books

Vol. 31 - Issue 5

Aloha to Local Literature

Bay Area Book Festival

Vol. 32 - Issue 7

May 4-5, 2019

Be Careful Or You'll End Up in My Novel

Vol. 29 - Issue 7

A Conversation with Lisa Gitlin, Author of the First Book to Win Two IPPY Gold Medals

Be Careful or You'll End Up in My Novel... Again

Vol. 36 - Issue 8

A Conversation with Lisa Gitlin, the Author Who Made IPPY Awards History

BEA Educational Programs Geared to Help Independent Publishers Sell More Books

Vol. 20 - Issue 3

Programs feature top industry practioners in a variety of fields.

Bear Migrates from New Mexico to New England

Vol. 18 - Issue 7

Two of the nation's top publishers of alternative titles join forces as Inner Traditions of Vermont acquires Bear & Company of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Beaver’s Pond Press

Vol. 31 - Issue 3

Giving Authors the Reins through a Mentorship Approach

Behind the Scenes at a Publishing House

Vol. 31 - Issue 7

What Really Happens to Your Book?

Believing in The Polar Express

Vol. 22 - Issue 12

Mixed reviews demonstrate a need to adopt a sense of wonder

Ben Doyle Wins 2000 Walt Whitman Award

Vol. 18 - Issue 6

Iowa Writer's Workshop grad wins$5,000 in cash, publication of his first book, and one-month residency at the Vermont Studio Center.

BeRead Announces New Web-Based Book Review Solution

Vol. 22 - Issue 7

Bess Press

Vol. 31 - Issue 12

A Kama’āina Publisher

Best Audiobook Titles of the Year Honored in New York

Vol. 25 - Issue 7

Results of the The Audies® 2007 Audiobook Awards

Best Books to Read! The 2001 Skipping Stones Honor Awards

Vol. 19 - Issue 5

Skipping Stone 2001 awards encourage close relationshipswith nature and promote respect and understanding for cultural diversity inour world.

Best Loved Bookstores

Vol. 34 - Issue 2

Stealing Hearts for Decades

Bestseller Lists Get Better

Vol. 21 - Issue 5

Book Sense Announces New, Weekly Extended Bestseller Lists

Between the Covers

Vol. 30 - Issue 12

Breathing in Books and the Outdoors in Telluride, CO

Between the End Sheets: Intimate Tales from the World of Independent Publishing

Vol. 18 - Issue 5

Pulling Away the Wizard's Curtain: Twenty years ago, it was joked in the halls of Random House that the shelf-life of a book was somewhere between that of milk and yogurt. Today, the publishing giant...

Beyond the Bookstores

Vol. 31 - Issue 10

Selling Your Books Through Special Market Sales

BiblioMania: The Fine Art of Books

Vol. 20 - Issue 8

Jeff VanderMeer's City of Saints & Madmen: Treating the Book as Art and Artifact

BiblioMania: The Fine Art of Books

Vol. 20 - Issue 9

This Month - Collectors Press: Turning a Vintage Art Collection into a Publishing Phenomenon

BiblioMania: The Fine Art of Books

Vol. 21 - Issue 1

This Month: Armed Service Editions - A Legacy of Literacy Returns

Big eBook Project Launched in Ohio

Vol. 23 - Issue 8

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