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Best Audiobook Titles of the Year Honored in New York

Vol. 25 - Issue 7

Results of the The Audies® 2007 Audiobook Awards

Best Books to Read! The 2001 Skipping Stones Honor Awards

Vol. 19 - Issue 5

Skipping Stone 2001 awards encourage close relationshipswith nature and promote respect and understanding for cultural diversity inour world.

Best Loved Bookstores

Vol. 34 - Issue 2

Stealing Hearts for Decades

Bestseller Lists Get Better

Vol. 21 - Issue 5

Book Sense Announces New, Weekly Extended Bestseller Lists

Between the Covers

Vol. 30 - Issue 12

Breathing in Books and the Outdoors in Telluride, CO

Between the End Sheets: Intimate Tales from the World of Independent Publishing

Vol. 18 - Issue 5

Pulling Away the Wizard's Curtain: Twenty years ago, it was joked in the halls of Random House that the shelf-life of a book was somewhere between that of milk and yogurt. Today, the publishing giant...

Beyond the Bookstores

Vol. 31 - Issue 10

Selling Your Books Through Special Market Sales

BiblioMania: The Fine Art of Books

Vol. 20 - Issue 8

Jeff VanderMeer's City of Saints & Madmen: Treating the Book as Art and Artifact

BiblioMania: The Fine Art of Books

Vol. 20 - Issue 9

This Month - Collectors Press: Turning a Vintage Art Collection into a Publishing Phenomenon

BiblioMania: The Fine Art of Books

Vol. 21 - Issue 1

This Month: Armed Service Editions - A Legacy of Literacy Returns

Big eBook Project Launched in Ohio

Vol. 23 - Issue 8


Vol. 23 - Issue 3

Bitcoin: The Future of Money?

Vol. 33 - Issue 5

Tracking the Evolution of Bitcoin and Other

Black Books

Vol. 33 - Issue 3

An Artisan Bookstore for Real People

Blast Off to BookExpo

Vol. 26 - Issue 5

Get ready for the big show!

Blast Off to BookExpo America

Vol. 25 - Issue 2

Plan Ahead for the Annual Book Biz Bash

BlogWorld and BookExpo Combine for Convergence of New Media and Traditional Media

Vol. 29 - Issue 3

Social media has emerged as a powerful force in book publishing

Bloomsbury to Create GLOBAL BOOK AID for Tsunami Fund

Vol. 23 - Issue 2

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2001 Illustrators Exhibition

Vol. 18 - Issue 8

Children's book illustrators are invited to submit their work for the 35thAnnual Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, which is held each year inconjunction with the Bologna Children's Book Fair, Bologna, ...

Bologna Children's Book Fair Announces the Winners of the 2002 Bologna New Media Prize

Vol. 20 - Issue 3

Results Include the First Children's eBook Award

Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Vol. 31 - Issue 11

April 3-6, 2017

Bologna New Media Prize Finalists Announced

Vol. 21 - Issue 3

Demonstration of EBooks at "Dust or Magic Bologna"

Boneshaker Books

Vol. 30 - Issue 10

Collectively Bringing Books to Minneapolis

Book Award Winners - and Judges - Speak Out

Vol. 25 - Issue 1

Does Your Book Have What It Takes?

Book Award Deadlines

Vol. 36 - Issue 1

Key Upcoming Dates

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