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Living the Writing Life -- To Its Fullest

Vol. 23 - Issue 4

An Interview with Author Julie Mars

LN Results

Vol. 29 - Issue 4

Location Love

Vol. 34 - Issue 12

Places Can Be as Rich as Characters

Looking Back at the Experience of a Lifetime

Vol. 28 - Issue 2

An Interview with Author Dan Burns

Looking for a New Publishing Venue? Think about Think Tanks

Vol. 26 - Issue 5

Longer shelf-life and promotional efforts among benefits of being published by a think tank

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Vol. 32 - Issue 3

April 18-19, 2015

Louisiana Book Festival

Vol. 32 - Issue 7

LPC Group Files Chapter 11 - Publisher Payments Frozen

Vol. 20 - Issue 5

As They Await Hearing, Independent Publishers Look to Reclaim Frozen Money "Blooker" Prize Announced

Vol. 23 - Issue 10

First contest for books based on blogs or websites

LuluPress and LearningTimes Collaborate

Vol. 20 - Issue 12

Partnership Puts LuluPress Publishing Engine at the Disposal of all LearningTimes Network Community Members

Lynda Barry Faces Her Demons

Vol. 20 - Issue 10

Cartoonist's 14th Book is a Zen-Comic Masterpiece

MacAdam/Cage Publishing Buys MacMurray & Beck

Vol. - Issue

MacAdam/Cage Publishing, Inc. has acquired the Denver-based publisher MacMurray & Beck effective October 15, 2000.

Magazine-of-the-Month Employs ePod; Showcase to Promote Imaginative Subscription Program

Vol. 18 - Issue 6

Magazine-of-the-Month is a subscription sampling of 12 different magazines related to one category, such as gardening or cooking, at 50 percent off the cover price.


Vol. 19 - Issue 7

U.S. Magazine Publishers Have Lousy Record on Recycling, Paper Reduction;Yearly Deforestation Equal to the Acreage of Major U.S. National Park.

Make Books and Music, Not War

Vol. 31 - Issue 8

Musings of a Music-Industry-Exec-Turned-Author

Making Classics Contemporary

Vol. 31 - Issue 12

The New York Review Books Childrenís Collection

Making the Right Advances

Vol. 23 - Issue 1

The Reality of Un-Presidential Publishing Advances

March Is National Reading Month

Vol. 35 - Issue 3

Letís Get Reading!

March is National Small Press Month

Vol. 24 - Issue 3

Focus on "The Rest of the Publishing World"

March Is Small Press Month

Vol. 21 - Issue 2

New this Year: National "How to Get Published Day"

March is Small Press Month 2002

Vol. 20 - Issue 3

"It's What's Between the Covers that Counts"

MarketAbility Tips for First Time Authors

Vol. 22 - Issue 12

Market your book to those who care

Martin Levinís Advice to Small Publishers

Vol. 29 - Issue 8

Book Publishing Great Leads Indies Through Changing Times

Mastering the Marketing Game

Vol. 18 - Issue 12

Bard Press Takes Their "Masters of Networking" Show on the Road

MB Test

Vol. 28 - Issue 10

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