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Brindle & Glass

Vol. 33 - Issue 8

Canadian Books with a Literary Focus

Bringing Down the Literary Agent from Hell

Vol. 22 - Issue 4

New book exposes the underbelly of publishing's slush pile scam artists

British Author Sebastian Horsley Refused Entry to U.S.

Vol. 26 - Issue 4

Google Search by Customs Officials Leads to Hours-Long Interrogation

Brooklyn Book Festival

Vol. 32 - Issue 5

BTWOF Celebrates the Launch of More Books for Women with Free Trial Subscriptions

Vol. 24 - Issue 3

Building a Social Media Platform

Vol. 28 - Issue 4

A Conversation with Pamela Johnson

Building the Buzz: New Book Helps Savvy Authors through the Perfect (Publicity) Storm

Vol. 22 - Issue 9

Includes the Ten Things You Can Do if your Book's Not Getting Media Attention

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Winner for 2012 Chosen

Vol. 30 - Issue 8

Burt Levy, the World's Fastest Novelist:

Vol. 22 - Issue 3

Renegade Self-Publisher Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Business Leaders Join Advisory Board

Vol. 19 - Issue 3

Members Bring Publishing and Computing Expertise to Rights Marketplace

By the Numbers

Vol. 23 - Issue 5

Publishing and Sales Figures for the Comic Book Industry

By the Numbers

Vol. 23 - Issue 5

Publishing and Sales Figures for the Comic Book Industry

California Dreamin’ – Struggling to Bring Travel Publishing Back to Normal

Vol. 20 - Issue 3

Sept. 11 Brings Challenges to Avalon Travel Publishing; New Trends in Guidebooks

California Mystery Author's Debut Mystery Book Nominated for Three Major Awards

Vol. 18 - Issue 6

Los Angeles area author Kris Neri has been nominated for three major mystery awards for Best First Novel.

Canada Book Day 2000

Vol. 18 - Issue 4

The Writer's Trust of Canada celebrates books, "Coast to Coast" and "Cover to Cover."

Canadian Editions of Harry Potter are Printed on Ancient Forest Friendly Paper

Vol. 21 - Issue 10

Authors and Publishers Promote Ecological Printing

Candlewick Press

Vol. 34 - Issue 8

Lighting the Way

Caribbean-Canadian Literary Expo 2003

Vol. 21 - Issue 5

“Opening Minds, Building Bridges” Introduces Major Destination Site for Cartoon Humor

Vol. 18 - Issue 7

Site offers the largest archive of New Yorker cartoons and largestsearchable cartoon database on the Web

CD Copying Authorized by Audiobook Publisher in Historic Departure from Publishing Practice

Vol. 20 - Issue 11

"If you copy our CDs, you're not a criminal, you're a customer!"


Vol. 18 - Issue 9

As part of its rapid expansion, Client Distribution Services (CDS) has announced that two senior executives, Stanley Cohen and Janet Napolitano Krug, will join the company effective immediately.

Celebrate Independents Week!

Vol. 22 - Issue 6

Locally-owned independent businesses celebrate independence and entrepreneurism July 1-7, 2004

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Vol. 24 - Issue 4

April is National Poetry Month

Celebrate Poetry Month!

Vol. 27 - Issue 3

Academy of American Poets Announces Poetry by the Pocketful for NPM 2009

Celebrate SMALL PRESS MONTH with John Leonard and New Press Publisher Andre Schiffrin

Vol. 25 - Issue 3

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